Lizzie Monsreal

Lizzie Monsreal


Hi there, my name is Lizzie Monsreal. I’m a college student majoring in Fashion Design at Columbia College Chicago. I am also a freelance artist and illustrator.

My website is a place I created to show my own artwork as an artist/designer. I also have a section where I blog about my everyday adventures in life. On my blog you will usually find me posting related topics about fashion, the environment, my Youtube channel, art, travels, and much more.   



As a young girl, I have always been fascinated by art growing up. I was always drawing as I grew. I remember spending my summers making little comics with my sisters. Drawing has always been something that came naturally to me.

Moving into high school I became more serious about art. At the end of my junior year of high school, I decided to pursue art as a career. On my senior year of high school, I took AP Art and created 12 breadth pieces and 12 concentration pieces.

Now in college, I am majoring in Fashion Design. Although I major in this, I continue to create my own art pieces on the side as a freelance artist. I mainly focus on illustrations, paintings, requested portraits, and any other fine art categories, such as ceramics.  



Through my fashion journey, I explore three categories. Fashion design, costume design, and styling. While attending Columbia College I have had the opportunity to costume design for short films. As for styling, I use for styling outfits and style for photoshoots.  

As a fashion designer, I focus on ethical fashion. After doing a project in my fashion class that involved our class tackling the fashion industry’s problems I decided to research more about it. As I learned about the fashion industry’s problems, it made me rethink about where and how my clothes were made.

I believe in sustainable pieces that will bring a different perspective to the fashion industry. I think as a designer, it is my responsibility bring a positive impact on whatever I create. Discovering ethical fashion changed my whole perspective about how we treat the environment. I think it is important to let people be aware about conscious choices in everyday life.